RRC Report from Northeast Australia

RRC Report from Northeast Australia

Nick Halsey, Regional Rear Commodore NE Australia reports on activity in Bundaberg and beyond

By Nick Halsey - 09/11/2018

We are still in our dryer winter period after the cyclone season (Nov-April) when cruising people are off in warmer climates but should be thinking about returning to safer locations for the cyclone season.

Currently there are plans for an OCC gathering in Bundaberg in mid-November as part of the Go West Rally celebrations. John Hembrow (OCC member) and Brett Hensler (POR Bundaberg) are coordinating. With registrations closed, a record 72 yachts from 14 countries have joined the 2018 Go West Rally.

A few boats are showing up on the OCC fleet map in the Pacific hopefully some will come to Queensland to add to the Go West Rally fleet.

Bill Hatfield completed his third attempt to sail around the world going westwards on 11 September, although he had to return to the Falkland Islands to undertake repairs to his rigging and steering which was damaged after he managed to clear Cape Horn for the first time on this attempt. Whilst he did not manage to meet his objective of a non-stop voyage, it is still a tremendous achievement for anyone, especially a man of 74 years.

The future of Southport YC as a Customs Port is yet to be decided; currently it will cease at the end of September 2018 and is under review by Government.

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