RoRC Report from the Western Caribbean

RoRC Report from the Western Caribbean

Suzanne and David Chappell, s/v SUZIE TOO, preparing for the rally

By Suzanne Chappell - 23/10/2018

I am sure lots of you reading my Roving Rear Commodore piece will have felt the same at some point, I’m feeling sad, apprehensive, excited and reflective! Leaves on the trees are changing into fabulous colours, the morning and evenings are cold, my boots and jumpers are coming out of the wardrobe is a reminder that my time back home in the UK is nearly over and I’m packing my bags and a house up again to go off sailing on another adventure

Suzie Too is our sailing yacht and our winter home she is patiently waiting for us in Curaçao and we are both looking forward to living on her again, being in the warm sunshine and missing another winter in the UK! Our emotions are mixed, my husband can only think of getting back and the work that’s needed when we arrive, while I am emotional, I’m going to miss my kids and my grandkids so much as I am away for 7 months, Skype and Whatsapp is a vast improvement on how communication used to be, but, it doesn’t make up for all those times together and the hugs and kisses which I am going to miss.

This is where the sailing community fits in, and one of the reasons why I am in the OCC, most people feel the same way I do and that is one of the reasons why I go to so much effort organizing a sailing rally. Lots of boats, lots of people with the same interest, become a replacement family and friends very quickly. Rather than in the typical sailing season, where you meet and make friends with someone for a few days at an anchorage or a marina, then life and plans take you in different directions, the Suzie Too OCC Rally is designed for you to buddy boat for a whole season with lots of people with the same interest, same route and same requirements. There are 66 boats, 8 nationalities and 133 people taking part in 2 separate groups, visiting 11 countries, amazing places and people to see and meet as well and, with this thought in mind, it helps me get through the next few days saying goodbye to everyone in the UK.

The next stage in my life is now here, a sign of getting older and having more free time as I retired from work in September, I should have been elated and I was, but again the emotions took over and rather than sit at home waiting and watching the family grow up! My intention is to have the best next 10-15 years living life to its full until my body or my mind cannot continue. The rally starts the 14th of November so I better get a move on, lots of planning, doing, achieving, and giving. I look forward to writing my next update about the tribulations of life on the Suzie Too OCC Rally…. I wonder what’s in store for us all, I hope it’s all good, exciting and memorable.

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