RoRC Report from Maine

Pamela MacBrayne & Denis Moonan, s/v GLIDE, returning to the South Pacific

By Pamela MacBrayne - 23/10/2018

This will be a short report as we have not been roving under sail recently. Glide is on the hard in Hiva Oa, Marquesas where we hauled in late May to return to Maine for the summer. We have, however, had many pleasant land-based encounters with fellow OCC members throughout the summer here and were able to join Sid LeFavour on Cadeau for the Maine Mini-Cruise!

In early August, at the Maine Boats & Harbor Show, Peter McCrea who was wearing an OCC shirt, was stopped by Erick Weiss, a former OCC member who, at age 16, sailed across the Atlantic with Hum Barton on Rose of York. After they talked a bit, Peter found me and introduced me to Erick. Since then, Erick has renewed his membership in OCC and he and his wife joined us at the Maine Rally. You never know whom you’re going to meet when wearing OCC regalia!

The highlight of summer in Maine is always the fabulous OCC Maine Rally & Mini-Cruise (reported separately by Dick & Moira Bentzel, Regional Rear Commodores/USA NE). Approximately 125 of us gathered once again at the Camden Yacht Club in mid-August. We were delighted to have a chance to see many of our OCC friends both before and after the Rally and Cruise. We were delighted to welcome into our home for the weekend several members who arrived by car: Jack & Diane Myles, Aerlia, Sid & Rebecca Shaw, Dovka, and Neil & Helen McCubbin, Milvina. Although Marty & Paul Rogers, Canty, were off cruising, they graciously opened their home to additional members who arrived by road, not sea: Kitty & Scott Kuhner, Tamure, Lydia & Bill Strickland, Dragon Run, Doug Selden, Ithaka. Sid LeFavour, Cadeau, served as hostess there. Marianne & Al Bernard, Etheria, joined the group in their RV.

One Maine Rally highlight for us was an unanticipated rendezvous of 14 OCC members who had all been together on the 2011 OCC Newfoundland Cruise, organized by Dale & Doug Bruce, Bluewater Pursuit. What fun it was to reminisce about that unforgettable cruise-in-company!

Another unanticipated gathering occurred at our small cottage on Birch Point Island, Cradle Cove, Islesboro. During the mini-cruise, the fog rolled in and altered our cruising itinerary for the last two days of the cruise. Most boats remained anchored an additional day near Castine. Rather than sail down toward Rockland for the final rendezvous & pot luck supper, we decided to stop at Cradle Cove. Joining us there was Rich Simpson, Kelly Rae. Somehow about 25 of us managed to squeeze into our cottage and onto the deck…. and nothing collapsed!

In September we were pleased to meet the crew on Escapade from Great Britain, anchored in Cradle Cove. Later in the month I was scheduled to visit Chebeague Island by ferry but had the great fortune of receiving a private boat ride to the island, courtesy of Peter Mellin (formerly Wild Vanilla). I enjoyed coffee with Peter & Alice at their wonderful home before heading off to visit my other friends. And then Peter generously gave us a boat ride back to the mainland! How great to have OCC friends in so many wonderful places!

We plan to return to Glide in January and spend time cruising the Marqueses. Then we’ll be off to the Tuamotu atolls, then Tahiti & the other Society Islands. We’ll be heading to Tonga, Fiji and other islands along the way to New Zealand, but we’re in no rush. We look forward to many more OCC encounters along the way!

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