RoRC Report from the US East Coast

RoRC Report from the US East Coast

Jonathan and Anne Lloyd, s/v SOFIA, in New England heading south

By Jonathan Lloyd - 23/10/2018

1st July 2018 saw Sofia anchored in Newport RI for the start of the OCC Southern New England Cruise, which had been meticulously planned by Mike and Jane Eslinger. We joined 10 other yachts for a memorable fortnight cruising from Newport to Martha’s Vineyard, where the cruise finished with a highly enjoyable dinghy drift.

Our intentions thereafter were to head through the Cape Cod Canal and spend August cruising in Maine. It was at this point that our plans went somewhat pear shaped. Following the dinghy drift we had been invited by old friends Sue and Ed Kelly to supper on S/Y Angel Louise. I had left a bottle of wine in the galley and dashed down below to retrieve it. On my way back into the cockpit I tripped over the companion way sill and fell into the cockpit with a resounding thud. While the bottle of wine survived unscathed my right shoulder did not! After a trip to Vineyard Haven Hospital X-rays revealed that I had fractured my shoulder in four places!

This dramatic news put paid to our plans for the summer. Instead of cruising Maine in August and back down the East coast thereafter, our insurers decided to repatriate me to the UK and we have been back here since then. The support, which we received from the OCC in finding somewhere suitable to leave Sofia while we returned to the UK was simply magnificent and is reported on the website, so I will not repeat it here.

Anne returned to the USA on 24 September to start the process of bringing Sofia south initially to the Chesapeake with the help of American friends. Thereafter OCC member Eve Wilhite will help her take Sofia from Annapolis to Beaufort NC, where we plan to spend November and December. Yet again the help of OCC friends and port officers has been invaluable. On her return to Marion MA PO Larry Hall once more made a car available so that Anne could provision and collect crew from Boston airport. Once Sofia was relaunched Regional Rear Commodores Dick and Moira Bentzel arrived to help Anne put the sails back on in what Anne described as a downpour of biblical proportions! Although all three of them were soaked to the skin, the job was completed. Similarly the POs in Annapolis, Norfolk and Beaufort NC have been immensely helpful in arranging dockage and researching suitable marinas. Again it is a timely reminder that when you need help the OCC is there to provide it!

At the time of writing this report Sofia is anchored in Cape May NJ before heading up the Delaware River and then through the C&D canal to the Chesapeake. I am now on the mend following surgery in London on 1st August, which repaired my shoulder with a significant titanium plate and twelve screws. I am now undergoing intensive physiotherapy and if all goes according to plan hope to rejoin Sofia in Beaufort NC in early November.

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