RoRC report from the UK and Caribbean

Simon and Hilda Julien, s/v BRISA, spending summers in the UK and winters in the Caribbean.

By Simon & Hilda Julien - 23/10/2018

The exceptionally warm and dry Summer in UK has provided excellent conditions for sailing in the south west whilst we have been at home for the summer. For us this has encouraged our participation in some local club racing as well as competing in a slightly longer race to France. On other occasions we have visited many harbours of Devon and Cornwall and have made use of the frequently benign conditions to visit anchorages normally too exposed. On the downside we have used rather more fuel than we would like to get around!

By late November we should be afloat again in Grenada aboard our small Caribbean-based boat and looking forward to a leisurely cruise towards Antigua while hoping the El Niño conditions now forecast give us a little less wind (& rain) than last winter. Unlikely, perhaps! En route we will be hoping to meet and greet both new arrivals and returnees to the Caribbean. Please drop by Brisa - if we have not found you first! At the time of writing the Windwards and Leewards have escaped the worst of the hurricanes which we hope means recovery from the devastation last year has continued unabated. In terms of cruising a near normal level of service is available everywhere and the islanders need visitors.

As usual we will be coordinating the OCC Caribbean long range HF net which will be running 6 days a week from 1 Dec, details are published separately.

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