Jeanne Socrates announces departure date for solo circumnavigation

Jeanne Socrates announces departure date for solo circumnavigation

1st October is the planned departure date for an attempt at a second solo non-stop sail around the world from Victoria Harbour - weather permitting!

By Daria Blackwell - 28/09/2018

Jeanne Socrates s/v Nereida has been preparing to circumnavigate again since 2016.

Jeanne’s circumnavigation attempts in 2016 ran into problems. This was planned to be a fourth solo circumnavigation and a second sail nonstop and unassisted around the world. Two attempts to start off down the Pacific from Victoria, B.C. - on 19th October and on 13th November - were thwarted when stormy weather twice caused damage. The first required a return to Victoria for repairs and the second forced her to pull in to San Diego for further work.

Her sights were then set on starting again on 5th October 2017, but an unfortunate accident meant postponing that attempt. She was all set to re-start on 5th October 2017 from Victoria, B.C. when she suffered a nasty fall from a ladder at deck-level onto the hard just a week before her planned departure. She recuperated well, despite several broken bones, but had to postpone this attempt to October 2018.

Jeanne will be on the Causeway Dock in Victoria's Inner Harbour, opposite the Empress Hotel, from 25th September, making final preparations!

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