Victor Wejer updates the 2018 Northwest Passage outcomes

Victor Wejer updates the 2018 Northwest Passage outcomes

Final results: 2 vessels complete the transit, 1 MOB, and no one is overwintering.

By Daria Blackwell - 22/09/2018

Thor (GER) navigated to Nome, Alaska finishing its transit.

Infinity (GER), a ferro-cement 120 foot & 200 ton ketch with a 450 HP engine and 20 people on board, crossed Bellot Strait eastbound. Infinity tried a few attempts at crossing and the final was the most excruciating with the very last half mile of 9+ ice. They met an icebreaker there who was tending herself much more than assisting others. Swirling ice eddies, strong 6 knot current occupied their last part with one of the crew falling overboard after slipping off the deck onto the edge of an ice floe. The crew member was retrieved promptly with a fishing net. The only MOB in Bellot history.

Both of them made history as the only vessels to make the transit in 2018.

However, Infinity still has to get at least to Baffin Bay to collect the prize. Fortunately for them, the ice conditions on their return is somehow easy despite re-freezing, and I am sure they will make it. Baffin this year is very easy for those returning, thanks to Mr. Arctic.

No wintering boats fortunately.

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