A very special club

A very special club

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By RoRC Jonathan Lloyd - 18/07/2018

Both Anne and I have been most impressed by the amazing support, kindness and generosity, which we have received from port officers and other OCC members following my nasty injury. We would like that to be publicly acknowledged and extend our heartfelt thanks.

Best regards

When disaster strikes you find out who your true friends are. In our case it struck when we where in Edgartown Martha's Vineyard on the final day of the OCC SNEC. I tripped up in the cockpit and badly smashed my shoulder. I was ferried ashore by OCC members Raleigh and Cindy Hamilton and escorted to ER at Martha's Vineyard hospital by OCC members Ed and Sue Kelly.

X Ray's indicated that I had badly broken my shoulder and would need surgery for a replacement. Whether this surgery took place in the US or the UK I would be out of action for some months and we would need to find somewhere convenient to keep Sofia.

At this juncture RRCs Dick and Moira Bentzel sprang into action and tasked the local port officers to provide advice on suitable yards in the area where we could leave Sofia. Bob Morris, who we had met in Jolly Harbour Antigua in March, and Larry Hall were on the case immediately and their advice was invaluable.

By this time our insurers had decided that I would have to return to the UK for surgery, so we opted for the Barden Boatyard in Marion MA. In the meantime Ed and Sue Kelly on Angel Louise had escorted us from Edgartown to Vineyard Haven and then most of the way to Marion. They are heading on up to Maine and we are heartbroken not to be joining them for the OCC Meet in Camden. We are indeed fortunate to have such good and caring friends.

On arrival in Marion we had a fantastic reception from the port officer - Larry Hall. Not only was he there to help us onto our mooring, but then helped Anne take off the sails in sweltering heat. He then invited is out to dinner, offered us the use of a car and said that he would arrange for us to have the use of the facilities at the Beverly Yacht Club. What more could one ask for!

We have been very grateful for the offers of support and assistance that we have received from all the members of the SNEC, port officers and other OCC friends from the Commodore downwards and extend our heartfelt thanks. We are very glad that we belong to such a special club!

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