Welcome to the new OCC website

Welcome to the new OCC website

After over 10 years of service our old Joomla website has been retired and we now have a new "state of the art" website.

By Web Team - 26/05/2017

Recognising that many of our users now view the website on tablets and mobile devices, the new site has been designed using a "mobile first" framework which automatically adjusts the layout of the pages to suit the size and orientation of the screen on which it being viewed, whilst still keeping the text at a size which can easily be read no matter how small the screen. Just view the site on a tablet or phone and note how the layout of the page changes as you turn the device from portrait to landscape mode.

We are also aware that some of our users around the world have to access our site over very slow internet connections. Although the new site is graphically more rich than its predecessor, it does not necessarily need a faster connection or use more bandwidth. When viewed over mobile devices and on smaller screens the page automatically loads smaller lower resolution images, or in some cases will leave the less important images out altogether, so as to keep page loading times as fast as possible.

The changes are not just technological. We have simplified the page design and navigation to make it quicker and easier to find the content you want. In common with all modern mobile friendly web sites the page menu is accessed from the black navigation icon on the top right hand corner of every screen.

Our Flying Fish archive, which stretches back almost 40 years, now has a much enhanced article indexing and search function. Just type in the first few letters of the place or subject that you are searching for and it will normally return a wealth of interesting articles. The forums retain all the information from the old site and will continue to be an invaluable resource for cruising yachtsmen.

OCC members will note that all the members only content has now been brought together in one place with a single consistent style and navigation menu structure, whilst the online joining form which used to be a standalone application has also been brought into the main body of the new web site.

The new site also has linked Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds which you can use to receive alerts whenever something new is posted to the site. The links to these feeds can be found at the bottom of every page and we would encourage all our users to sign up for one of these. Guidance on how to do this is contained in the document at the end of this page. Likewise we encourage you to share any news stories that you find of particular interest on the site using the social media share buttons that you will find at the foot of each story.

We hope you enjoy the new site and would welcome any feedback both positive and negative - with one additional plea from our web development team - if you come across something that doesn't work for you in your particular browser or device then please let us know - but we do need as much detail as possible and in particular the type of device (Windows 7 PC, iPhone 7, iPad, etc.) and browser version( IE10, Chrome etc) the problem occurred. Without this information it is almost impossible to troubleshoot the problem.

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