Lagos family welcome in Bayona

Lagos family welcome in Bayona

Honorary Member & former PO for Galicia, Alfredo Lagos Sr, welcomed Rear Commodore Daria Blackwell and RC Ireland Alex Blackwell to the family home

By Daria Blackwell - 12/06/2018

We were invited to a light supper at the Lagos family home. Alberto Lagos, our new OCC POR for the Ria Vigo, wanted us to meet his father, Alfredo Sr, legendary PO and Honorary Member of OCC. Richard and Dave from Grand Slam joined us. It turned out to be a very special evening in an absolutely amazing place. Beautiful house with interesting stone outbuildings. Alfredo Jr and Alberto cooked up mussels and prawns, Jenny served up salads and vegetables, their delightful children Isabel and Pedro happily served the appetizers, and sister Margarita told stories of growing up in the house.

At the end of dinner, they prepared a special Galician drink called queimada, a firey drink made of Galician moonshine or poitin and sugar, lit with flames, stirred until the fire subsides, with apples thrown in and lemon to quench the fire. A clap over the bowl makes the fire go out. Magic. It's intended to expel and protect against evil spirits. There certainly weren't any there that night.

Then we were invited to visit Alfredo Sr's office in the house. What an amazing place, full of history with half hulls of yachts they'd built and restored, memorabilia and historical documents, all in their place where Alfredo knew they were. Extraordinary. When we returned to the table, Alfredo asked me, "So how did you like my office?" I said, "There's so much history there. It feels like a sacred place." He nodded, smiled and said, "You liked."

We watched the bats flying out of the attic space and the night sky pull the blanket over the land. It was a very special evening the memory of which we will cherish for a lifetime. Many thanks to the Lagos family for their kindness, welcome and generosity. We hope they come to visit us in Ireland very soon.

Photo: Alfredo Lagos Sr, now 92 years old, with Alberto Lagos, POR for the Ria Vigo in Galicia, Spain. View additional photographs in the OCC gallery.

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