RoRC Report - The Bahamas

David reports on their stay in the Bahamas and plans for joining the Pursuit Rally to the Azores

By RoRC David Bridges - 19/04/2018

As a long time sailing friend & relatively new OCC member, Raleigh Hamilton of CINDERELLA, has taught me, "the closer you get to a situation, the more apparent an answer becomes". In our case the question of which ocean to cross appears to have finally resolved's not the Pacific this year!

We sailed to Spanish Wells and Eleuthera in Feb and enjoyed exploring new areas of the Bahamas. At that point Panama was still a big question so we rapidly sailed south to Conception and then on to Long Island to find shelter from the big swells generated by the huge storms hitting the NE US this winter. There the answer began to become matters dictated staying closer to the East coast US rather than the other side of the world. Since then we've relaxed, enjoyed old and new haunts in the Exumas from Georgetown up to Warderick Wells along with old friends and meeting new ones. Several of the new folks are excellent potential members for the OCC which I hope will follow through on their applications and join. Meanwhile the highlight of experiences we had was tagging turtles to help with research for a couple of days with Steve Connett of FOXY LADY and young Bahamian students south of Georgetown. That was a repeat of the experience from several years ago in Long Island, Conception and San Salvador. It always brings gales of laughter mixed with tense moments chasing the speedy little creatures among the flats and creeks. They are very quick, traveling at around 15 knots under water but totally helpless out of the water. We only found small green turtles on these outings but the personal rewards for us were huge.

Today finds us rafted up to fellow OCC members, Staffan & Kicki Agnetum from Sweden on their beautiful BALANCE in Coral Harbour on the south coast of New Providence while we wait the passing of yet another front before heading to Ft Lauderdale later this week. There we will correct a few boat issues (You never have to worry about job security if you own a boat!) in preparation for hopefully beginning to cross the Atlantic in early May. Current plans are to go from Ft Lauderdale directly to Bermuda and then onward to participate in the Pursuit Rally to the Azores by June 18. From there? Who knows! That's for the next report. Meanwhile here's wishing everyone safe sailing into a warm spring and early summer.

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