RoRC Report – The Caribbean

RoRC Report – The Caribbean

It's been an active OCC season after the weather settled down...

By RoRC Bill and Laurie Balme - 19/04/2018

It’s been an excellent season in the Caribbean! The weather started off a little strange with lots and lots of rain, then we had some pretty nasty swells making the anchorages rather difficult to relax in and the wind has been rather more intense than it was last year (we think anyway)! We’ve had our share of breakdowns – most notably the generator.

We’ve enjoyed the company of many OCC members and continue our recruitment efforts – currently hindered by a lack of burgees available to the new recruits! Perhaps the OCC should consider distributing a yet more plentiful supply of burgees around the world?

We’ve climbed several peaks, dined with several OCC groups and enjoyed impromptu gatherings on Toodle-oo! and many other boats throughout the season.

We’ve also enjoyed a particularly active Caribbean OCC SSB net – it really is a great way to keep in touch out here and a shame that more members don’t avail themselves with this tried and true technology.

Where to next? Toodle-oo! will be participating in the OCC Azores Pursuit, departing from Antigua in late May, then after a few weeks there, we’ll make our way to Portugal and then down to the Canaries and towards the Cape Verdes, which will be our departure point for the South Atlantic and Patagonia.
If you see Toodle-oo! in the anchorage before we see you, please stop over – I’m sure we’ll have something refreshing in the fridge!

Photo: Boiling Lake - Safira Blue, Cheglia and guide Sea-Cat

Additional photos will be posted in the photo gallery on this website.

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