VDL Circumnavigation of Tasmania Cruise Feb-Mar 2019

VDL Circumnavigation of Tasmania Cruise Feb-Mar 2019

The VDL-C cruise in company of nearly 800 nm is conducted every two years or so by the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania (www.ryct.org.au)

By John Maddox/Jeremy Firth - 06/04/2018

The VAN DIEMENS LAND* CIRCUMNAVIGATION (VDL-C) CRUISE runs for 35 days commencing in Hobart in mid-February 2019. The cruise is timed to begin just after the internationally renowned Australian Wooden Boat Festival that will be staged in Hobart the previous weekend.

OCC member and Newsletter editor Jeremy Firth, a member of the VDL-C organising committee, has shared information that there are already 31 expressions of interest and the cruise is limited to 45 yachts.

Compulsory HF radios are tested before the cruise by demonstrating each participant’s radio performs effectively over a distance of no less than 100nM on the 4MHz frequency used during the cruise. Several Tasmanian shore stations are available to assist with this test, including Dover Radio run by Jeremy Firth whose yacht 'Rosinante' has been the radio relay vessel for 8 of the last 9 cruises held since 2002. This is only one of the several safety requirements for participating boats.

To learn more about the cruise, research these articles in Flying Fish all available on this website and visit the VDL-C cruise website using the link below:

1. Jonathan Lloyd's excellent article -- Flying Fish 2017/1 page 133 Cruising Tasmania. Jonathan and Anne are Roving Rear Commodores.

2. Lawrence and Maxine Bailey Flying Fish 2005/1 page 119 -- 2005 Tasmanian[VDL] Circumnavigation

3. John Maddox Flying Fish 2005/2 page page 85, Another Angle on Van Diemens Land [Tasmania] 2005 Circumnavigation. A chart of the cruise is on page 27.

4. John Maddox Flying Fish 2007/2 page 25, A Lifetime Experience -- 2007 VDL Circumnavigation.

*Van Diemen's Land was the name originally given to Tasmania by the European explorer Abel Tasman.

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