Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

News from members reporting from around the world

By Daria Blackwell - 01/01/2018

Jeanne Socrates reports from Gibsons, British Columbia, "Thought you might be interested to hear that I’m slowly going to be ’weaned’ off this annoying neck brace over the next few weeks - a very welcome New Year present. Then I’ll be spending quite a time exercising, trying to get back some measure of fitness following the inactivity due to my accident.

NEREIDA will stay in Victoria to await my return in May from Mexico - then I’ll be checking out boat systems and sailing around B.C. to confirm my boat handling is OK, ready for my postponed start in early October 2018.

I think I’m very lucky to be alive and kicking and able to look forward to sailing soon despite such a bad fall and so many injuries. I’m lucky to have been close to good medical care!

Hope you enjoy plenty of good sailing in 2018 - some in B.C. perhaps?

John Maddox reports from Australia that Honorary Member Sir Robin Knox Johnston was interviewed on ABC TV (like BBC in Australia) about Clipper Ventures. They also spoke to a girl from London who sold her house to go on one of the Clippers -- said she would go back to live with her mother on her return.

We are sad for Erik Hellstrom OCC Brisbane who had to be medevaced from Clipper Ventures Garmin off Fremantle because of severe stomach pains. His wife Jocelyn Beard-Hellstrom died recently and her obituary was written up in Flying Fish. Erik reports that he is being well cared for in hospital with an unusual diagnosis that may require surgery. We wish Erik all the best and a swift return to good health.

Let's all count our blessings on this first day of the New Year and resolve to make it the most fulfilling year we can achieve. All best wishes for a happy and healthy 2018 to Jeanne, Erik and all our members!

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