Cape Town, SA the new hot spot on the circumnavigation circuit

Cape Town, SA the new hot spot on the circumnavigation circuit

More cruisers are circumnavigating via the Capes to avoid the threat of piracy. OCC is there to greet them in South Africa. Thank you Des Cason for Wx

By Daria Blackwell - 21/12/2017

It's a challenging season for weather for those rounding South Africa. Twenty-one circumnavigators made it to Capetown while others are still awaiting weather windows. Those who made it were greeted by OCC members Jenny Crickmore-Thompson and Past Commodore John Franklin.

Jenny reports that they had a fabulous wine-tasting day in Cape Town: 21 members & prospective members joined Jenny & John Franklin at Constantia Glen and Jonkershuis. Great conversation, old friendships renewed, new friends made! Always good conversations and tall stories!

Earlier post by Jenny C-T:
Circumnavigating boats are slowly making their way south towards Cape Town, but it is not easy! Several have reported unfavourable weather conditions and unfavourable Aghulhas current - never a good combination! Safe passage and fair winds to those still plugging away, enjoy the surrounding shore activities if you've ducked into one of the lesser ports en route. Unfortunately none of the east coast ports are great for yachties; they are a shelter from weather more than a destination! It is not an easy coast to sail, from Richards Bay to Cape Town - but take heart, thousands have done it successfully before you!

From Des Cason:
"It never fails to amaze me what the weather can do to mess up or ease your passage - sailing seems to be in the hands of the gods so often! Working with the boats crossing the Indian Ocean this year, some are still making the passage towards South Africa, I note some are still sitting in Richards Bay waiting for a window, some made the jump and got as far as Port Elizabeth before getting stuck again - the 'lucky ones' are snug in Cape Town waiting for Christmas to arrive!"

From Jenny C-T:
With all this, a huge thank you has to be made to Des Cason, an extraordinary man who, a la Herb Hilgenberg of Atlantic crossings fame, has made it his voluntary task to act as weather router for all who wish to use his services to get weather for Indian Ocean and rounding the Cape of Good Hope - neither of them comfortable easy passages! Free of charge, he gives invaluable weather advice and routing: the Ocean is a much safer place for his knowledge, time and gracious help! Thank you, Des!

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