Rescue of Tyger of London by St. Barbara V

Rescue of Tyger of London by St. Barbara V

Keel failure off the Canary Islands could have been disastrous had Tyger not been sailing in company with trainees aboard the RAYC yacht.

By Daria Blackwell - 15/12/2017

The crew on the Royal Artillery Yacht Club flagship, a Rustler 42 named St Barbara V, had an unexpected drill during a training expedition along the Canary Islands. A yacht lost its keel and flipped over, throwing its crew into the waters under challenging conditions. St Barbara V responded immediately and all crew were safely retrieved in heavy seas. Read the story in Scuttlebutt (see link below).

The skipper of the St Barbara V is Colonel Neil Wilson of the Royal Artillery. St Barbara is the patron saint of the Royal Artillery, hence the name. The crew are on an Adventurous Training exercise called Exercise Mediterranean Ubique, which takes place over a number of legs from September 2017 to July 2018. They will visit the Canaries, Gibraltar, Balearics, Italy, Malta and then home via Gibraltar. This follows on from Exercise Atlantic Ubique in 2015-16 which was a clockwise trip around the Atlantic.

The stricken yacht remained adrift until she was salvaged in Tenerife on the 14th of December. Many thanks to Port Officer Agustin Martin for sending photos of the yacht and its recovery. View additional photos in the Gallery on this website.

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