Tools for recruiting new members now available

Tools for recruiting new members now available

We've just made recruitment of new members easier... follow the link below to view the new brochure in digital format. Start recruiting to win a prize

By Daria Blackwell - 15/12/2017

All members who receive our publications in print will soon be getting a copy of the new OCC brochure along with their Flying Fish and Newsletter. The new OCC brochure is intended to replace the prior one used primarily by Regional and Roving Rear Commodores to recruit new members. It describes the purpose and ethos of the Club, outlines the benefits of membership and tells how to join.

We've also created an eZine version which is unrestricted and open to the public. That means that you can share the link with anyone who you think may be interested in joining the OCC. You can also download it to your device and view it on screen or share via email.

We expect this brochure to help all of us verbalise what we know and cherish about this unique organisation. After all, it is our members and friends who enthusiastically carry the OCC message around the world. It was developed to distil the spirit of the OCC and reflect the contemporary design adopted for the website.

The intention is to hand out brochures to prospective members at boat shows, marinas and anchorages where blue water cruisers congregate. Some of you may be in remote regions where there are few opportunities to recruit. Others may interact with potential members daily. If you need more brochures, simply contact our Secretary Rachelle Turk via email to request additional copies.

Each year, the member who recruits the most new members is recognised for the effort. I am happy to announce that for the second consecutive year, Bill Balme is the winner and will receive a year of OCC membership for free. Get active in telling blue water sailors the benefits of joining us in our mission to promote long-distance sailing and the next winner may be you.

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