OCC Members and Friends Heading to Dominica

OCC Members and Friends Heading to Dominica

Delivery of supplies and assistance with clean-up and rebuilding is planned.

By Bill Balme - 02/12/2017

Toodle-oo! is planning to arrive in Dominica on December 5th. We are bringing some supplies from the US. They have specifically requested “Dry Foods” and skilled labor is needed most. Divers may be helpful for setting up moorings. We are planning to stay a week, possibly 2.

Jeff Frank, President of PAYS will be coordinating our efforts on arrival (he’s also offered to assist with getting us to customs). He will help to ensure that any supplies we bring will be distributed equitably and sensibly – difficult to plan ahead on that as we don’t know what other supplies the various boats might be bringing.

If you are planning to join in this effort, please contact me so that I can prepare Jeff for the onslaught! Let me know if you will be bringing any supplies (old tools, rope & sails can probably be utilized).

What I know of the situation in Portsmouth:
- There are a couple of boat boys operating, but the moorings are not yet established, so anchoring is probably required.
- There were a couple of PAYS boats sunk and may present an anchoring hazard - be aware.
- They are focusing some efforts on the Indian River - a major source of income for them.
- Jeff tells me the security situation is good - but please be careful, be vigilant for yourself and for others and keep everything locked.

We'll be monitoring VHF 68 and will start a net at 8:15am on December 6th. We are also on the OCC SSB net at 7:30am on 6227 for those boats further away.

Please forward this information to anyone else you think may have an interest.

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