Congratulations to participants in the Salty Dawg Rally

Congratulations to participants in the Salty Dawg Rally

And to the new Full members of OCC who completed their 1000 mi passage...

By Daria Blackwell - 17/11/2017

In Falmouth Antigua, more boats from the Salty Dawg Rally are arriving each day. Lots of special events are planned including happy hour gatherings and the arrival dinner on Monday at Boom, part of the Admiral’s Inn at the historic Nelson’s Dockyard.

Congratulations to new members and OCC Associate Members who have qualified for full membership with their passage:

Christian Lenz s/v Blue
Danya Anderson s/v Blue
William Weigel s/v Alembic
Helen Weigel s/v Alembic
Erica Coobs s/v Endless Summer 1
Jos Coobs s/v Endless Summer 1
Mary Pernick s/v Echo
Jeff Pernick s/v Echo
C. Westbrook Murphy s/v Spray of Rochester

Due to light winds, some participants diverted to Bermuda to take on fuel. To ensure completion of the 1000-mi requirement, Blue and Alembic sailed on to Guadeloupe and will then return to Antigua. Endless Summer 1 sailed Hampton to Antigua, and Echo sailed Hampton to USVI, and will go on to Antigua early next week.

Westbrook Murphy is Port Officer for Annapolis.

Welcome as full members to the OCC. We know it was worth the trip.

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