Roving Rear Commodores' Reports - Mediterranean

Roving Rear Commodores' Reports - Mediterranean

The latest news and whereabouts [October 2017] of our Club’s Roving Rear Commodores:

By Roving Rear Commodores - 11/11/2017

Martin and Elizabeth Bevan in CADUCEUS Nov 2013 – 2017

Summer was spent ashore in the UK, a very pleasant interlude being a reunion meeting courtesy of OCC member Brian Bonniwell and Claudine (Wishanger II). We returned to the boat in Sant Carles de la Rapita, Spain in early September and, in the absence of a working genoa furler, motor sailed the 300nm east to Hyeres near Toulon. Chantier AMEL, Caduceus’ builder spent a week putting various things right and replacing many small parts that had been sun damaged and which difficult for us to source. In theory we should then have moved on to St Mandrier sur Mer, to the west of Toulon to have a new forestay and Reckmann genoa furler fitted. We spent a week at anchor in the islands off Hyeres and arrived as requested a week later than originally promised. Removing the forestay and old furler was efficiently done on the afternoon of our arrival with the expectation of the replacement being fitted the following day. Ten days later we were still minus a forestay waiting for the furler to arrive. It was fortunate that St Mandrier is a pleasant place in which to be stuck.

The view forward is much better without the forestay, not so good for sailing however

At this stage we are not sure who has messed up. Our proposed return to Sant Carles via Menorca is looking in danger of being foreshortened.

Fortunately, we have a new crew member to train (Associate Dog), or at least keep us occupied whilst we wait. Dotti is a Romanian rescue dachshund terrier cross. She has taken well to the boat but deck toilet training has been unsuccessful. She managed 48 hours on passage from Spain to Hyeres which appeared to cause more discomfort to us than her.

David and Juliet Fosh in REFLECTIONS May 2014 – 2018

We left Venice late in April after six very enjoyable months there. Had a good haul out at Certosa Marina. We crossed the Adriatic to Rovinj in Croatia and had no problems clearing in. We spent two months exploring Croatia and cleared out at Ubli before crossing back to Italy, arriving at Viesta. Then via various Italian marinas we arrived at Sicily, where we particularly enjoyed Siracusa. On to Malta for boat repairs, the self steering and the diesel generator having failed. But we got both fixed in Malta and then stayed 3weeks before crossing back to Sicily to our winter berth in Licata. Licata town is delightful and within walking distance. There is a good livaboard community. We had planned a get together for OCC members but no one was able to join us in Licata.

Best wishes from David and Juliet.

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