Sailors Helping launches new interactive map of Caribbean operations

Sailors Helping launches new interactive map of Caribbean operations

The mobile-friendly interactive map is packed with everything you’ll need to find safe harbor and give back to local communities across all areas affe

By Daria Blackwell - 08/11/2017

Happy cruising season! We know that the best way to re-energize the Caribbean we love is to get boaters back to the islands. We also know that finding information about current port statuses and ways to help is daunting. So we solved the problem ourselves!

We’ve spent the last month checking in with locals across the islands to get latest island and port statuses, including:
• Port access status
• Mooring, docking and anchorages available
• Potable Water
• Electricity
• Fuel
• Groceries
• Bars and Restaurants
• Customs
• Opening day estimates
This information will be constantly updated throughout the season so that you can enjoy your travels without a hitch.

We’ve also curated a host of volunteer opportunities adjacent to harbors, so that you can hop right off your boat and lend a hand.

Check out Ports and Projects and bookmark it for reference.

Now you have everything you need to get sailing and helping!

Next up, mark your calendars: We’re also planning our Rally to Rebuild in early January -- where boats across the Caribbean will meet up to make a difference while cruising!

Your BFF (Boat Friend for Life),
Tory Fine
Co-Founder, Sailors Helping

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