US east coast SSB net

US east coast SSB net

Listen in to the US East Coast SSB net MTWTFS (but not on Sundays): 07:00 am Eastern US time 6227.0 USB 07:15 am Eastern US time 4036.0 USB

By Russell Frazer - 10/10/2017

Yes, it's early the sun is just getting up, but right after you can tune into Chris Parkers wx net on 8137.0.

We are down to only four boats from the usual ten that we had all summer. The net will need new boats to check in to keep it alive and fun during the fall migration. There is hope we can keep this going right up till the OCC Caribbean net gets fired up this winter.

We're listening.....

Note: Only OCC Members and Associates can take part but non-members are welcome to listen in.

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