Cruisers in Trinidad delivering aid to Dominica

Cruisers in Trinidad delivering aid to Dominica

Thanks to Port Officer Jesse James and Sharon Rose James, cruisers in Trinidad now have a means of delivering aid to Dominica

By Sarah Smith - 23/09/2017

In cooperation with Jesse James and Power Boats, Trinidad Cruisers will be collecting relief supplies for Dominica stricken by Hurricane Maria. Below is a list of relief supplies that we ask you to donate. Donations will be accepted daily at 9:00 am by the Dockside market at Power Boats starting on Tuesday, 26 September. If you are unable to donate any of the items listed, you may make cash donations to Jesse James and a group of volunteers will go shopping for additional supplies.

Tarps, sails suitable for covering roofs
Rope, lines
Tools (shovels, hammers, saws, machetes, etc)
Lights (flashlights, Luci lights, head lights)
Bleach and cleaning supplies
First aid kits/materials (antiseptic creams/lotions, bandaids/plasters, etc)
Canned food
Baby food/formula and diapers
Feminine hygiene products
Crayons and coloring books

(No used clothes, please)

Jesse has recruited a boat to sail the donations to Dominica at the end of this month, so time is of the essence. Happy shopping this weekend!

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