A call for donations and boats prepared to deliver aid in the Caribbean

A call for donations and boats prepared to deliver aid in the Caribbean

This is a reputable and efficient organization getting aid directly to the islands in the ongoing hurricane crises.

By Sarah Smith - 26/09/2017

Ray Thackeray is who my daughter Beth sailed with to deliver aid to Dominica after Erika.

HURRICANE IRMA and MARIE RESPONSE: Please donate to our GoFundMe fundraiser. Looking for boats to take supplies to needy locations in the Caribbean, Turks & Caicos, St. Martin, Virgin Islands, Guadeloupe, Dominica etc. We can source water filters and are building coordination teams in the disaster zones. Even if our boats arrive weeks after the storm's devastation, help is still desperately needed! Please sign in and introduce yourself, your location and where you can pick up supplies.

Update from Ray Thackeray 26-09-17: IRG has contracted 350 ton cargo ocean tugboat Flying Buzzard, bunkered in Grenada and sailing to St. Lucia where she will take on fuel and final cargo Wednesday for the round trip to DOMINICA with her cargo holds full of EMERGENCY supplies. WE ARE NOW OUT OF DONATIONS. Please share and help if you can.

Volunteer loaders are needed in St Lucia at the port of Castries when the Flying Buzzard arrives to load additional Dominican relief supplies.

Tugboat ETA is 1600 hours local time. If you're in Rodney Bay or near Castries, and can help out with loading, please meet the Buzzard when she arrives this in Castries main port terminal, Tuesday Sept 26, at 4 pm.

The people in the north of Dominica are still cut off from the rest of the island. We are looking for ways to distribute supplies from Roseau to Portsmouth. If anyone has any ability to help organize vessels that can redistribute supplies around the island, please let us know.

Photo by Alexis Garrison. Volunteers loading the Flying Buzzard in Grenada

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