Request from Active Captain to help the boating community

Request from Active Captain to help the boating community

--- We Are All The Community --- Request for assistance in documenting the damage resulting from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma...

By - 13/09/2017

ActiveCaptain didn't take off because we had lists of marinas. It didn't ramp up because there were anchorages called out on charts. Success wasn't based on accessing lists of bridges, locks, inlets, hazards or missing markers. What made ActiveCaptain happen was the community.

Once again, too soon, we need to come together as a single voice to help each other and the facilities we depend upon. We're not done seeing the aftermath of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. The changes these storms have made will be a part of our lives for years to come. As we learned with Matthew last year, the information is unreliable and missing until the community learns about it firsthand and reports it.

We have the networks, apps, and infrastructure to capture the changes to our waterways. There's nothing that needs to be developed. We have a team in place at Garmin ready to handle the new data that arrives. We'll combine community updates with information received from marinas and boatyards about their conditions. All of this will be kept together within the normal ActiveCaptain database. Combining it will help with your planning. And planning over this next year is going to be more important than ever.

We'd like to add new hurricane related data as new hazard markers. The name should begin with the storm name. For example, an inlet damaged by Irma will be a hazard named, "IRMA: Inlet Damaged." If a marina was heavily damaged in Texas, name it, "HARVEY: Marina Damaged." Describe the changes in the hazard. We'll adjust the position and fix up the text. Your job is to collect the information and create the new marker.

There are two ways to create new markers - use the website's Live Map on a laptop that has Flash installed or use Garmin BlueChart Mobile on an iPhone or iPad.

To create a new marker on the website, move to the area where you'd like to create the hazard. Press-and-hold the mouse button until a menu pops up. Select "New hazard" and fill out the form.

On BlueChart Mobile, tap where the new hazard should be placed. Tap the "..." icon at the bottom of the radial menu and select "Add" to add a new marker. Tap Hazard and fill out the form. If you don't see those results, make sure you're logged into BlueChart Mobile with your ActiveCaptain account in the Settings / ActiveCaptain section.

Last year we called the community's response to Matthew, "
ActiveCaptain's finest hour." This will be the community's finest season. We'll work together to collect, distribute, and inform each other. It'll take time and effort but the power we have together is limitless.

Please note that the OCC has a membership group on Active Captain. It is not very active but if you wish assistance in setting up your membership, please contact Daria Blackwell or Simon Currin.

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