A message about storm prep and insurance

A message about storm prep and insurance

Insights from OCC Member Robert Stevens

By Robert Stevens - 09/09/2017

For those who have already been affected by Hurricane Irma Topsail send out our hopes that you are safe. For those of you in the potential path, especially those members in Florida, we appreciate that you will have concerns about the safety of your craft and for the people who will be affected by this intense weather event.

For those owners with boats in the area, you will have no doubt have put into place your hurricane plans, ensure that additional lines and fenders are deployed, reduce on deck windage as much as possible by removing all items that can be removed (e.g. biminis, on deck sails and if possible furled sails and sail bags) and storing them safely away inside. Dinghies and tenders, where possible, should be deflated and stored securely inside or away from the boat. Ensure that your cockpit drain holes are clear of debris and that any loose equipment around the boat or on the pontoon is secured.

When all has passed and is safe, make every effort to check on your boat, note any damage that has occurred, take pictures, make an inventory of the damage and as soon as possible contact your insurer to discuss what needs to be done to effect repairs. At this point you will have to be understanding, you will appreciate that insurers are inundated with claims and processes may not be as quick as usual. Finding a yard that can deal with the repair is going to be a major issue, the chances are that there are likely to be a long wait before any estimates or works will happen, especially if the yards themselves are affected. Be patient and keep in contact with your insurer. If a surveyor has been appointed follow any advice that they provide and do your very best to assist as much as possible in arranging repairs.

For Topsail insurance customers, we have already made contact if in the affected area but please feel free to contact us should you have any worries or issues.

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