Asymmetric Spinnaker V3 or Cruising Chute

Asymmetric Spinnaker V3 or Cruising Chute

New 2013 used maybe 20 times for a few hours. £1,995

Seller: Andrew & Janice Fennymore-White - 07/11/2018

Lofted by Parker & Kay, at the time making Quantum sails for a 48 foot yacht.

1.5oz Nylon
TWA 100-160°
AREA 210sqm
LUFF 22.2m
LEACH 19.5m
FOOT 11.9m
1/2 GIRTH 11.8m

We are selling this as we do not use it enough and we want the space for a twin jib sail. We have more photos if you email, any questions please ask. The launch bag is included, we do not have a sock for this. It is a big sail, easily suitable for a larger yacht, it is fun and fast but does require some hands to dowse it.

Location Ipswich, but we would probably deliver in the UK.

PRICE £1,995 (New price in 2013 £4,400)


Quantum description for this sail is;
Vision V3 is a full size reaching and all purpose asymmetrical. Design makes it ideal for broad racing angles, projecting the maximum amount of area to weather of the centre line when eased. The V3 is extremely stable, with a forgiving entry, making it very easy to trim.

Full radial layout with spectra luff & foot. Like all Vision cruising asymmetricals, the V3 is capable of reaching at wind angles no ordinary cruising spinnaker can. It is perfect for heavier displacement boats and provides turbo performance for all others. Handling can be simplified with a sock.

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