Ocean Cruising Club

OCC in Carriacou
Great OCC gathering for drinks at the Slip Way in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou with Toodle-oo!, Innamorata II, Infinity B, Weohgi, and Sea Swift. Photo by Laurie Balme.
OCC @ Whisper Cove Marina - Grenada
Photo by Bill Balme -- An interesting walk around Calivigny following a rather defunct iPhone App with Bob and Anne on Baloo, and followed by a lovely recovery luncheon with a host of OCC boats - Baloo, Weohgi (Avril and Alan), Brisa (Simon and Hilda), Magic Dragon of Herme (Alan and Donna) and Blue Jacket (Mike and Jill) with Bill and Laurie on Toodle-oo! at Whisper Cove Marina - Grenada... — with Laurie Balme.
Lagoon Bay, Roberton Island, Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Photo by Alan Leslie
Martin Carriere (Providence), new PO for Dominica
With Bill Balme, RoRC
Sundowners near Jolly Harbour, Antigua
April 2018: Photo by Anne Lloyd
Cathy & Allan Rae, POs Beaufort SC
Photo by Debi Dennis? Many thanks to Beaufort South Carolina port officers, Cathy and Allan Rae for their hospitality. We loved our stay with them.
Antigua Yacht Club, Famouth
Photo by Robin Richardson Stout? April 14 near Green Bay, Antigua · Lots of fun at last nights OCC happy hour in Falmouth Antigua! — with Hazel Hawkins, Neil McCubbin, Helen McCubbin and Kaia Agnethe Samuelsen. Missing from photo Gabrielle Lyne.
Beer o’clock time in Biscay
Grahame L Brookes? April 16 ·
James & Hannah Herne, POs St Helena
Photo by Ann Lloyd who presented them with their new PO flag.
Graham Brooks, SV Voyager
In Camaret Biscay
OCC PO Flag in Brazil
Silvio Ramos April 18 OCC flag in Marina Kawai Saco da Ribeira, Ubatuba São Paulo, Brasil
Wild Bird anchored off Long Island in the Bahamas
Tim Evans reports a bit of weather.
Jolly Harbour May 2018
Lovely gathering at West Point in Jolly Harbour with existing (Toodle-oo!, Badger Sett, Coho, Golden Fleece and NEVA) and some prospective OCC members too! Photo by Laurie Balme.
Chesapeake Bay May 2018
Wonderful time with port officers Will and Martha Story eating oysters and soft-shell crab in the Chesapeake Bay. Thank you so much for your hospitality and support! Photo by Debi Dennis.
The Rev Bob Shepton in Scotland
OCC Scottish Open House gathered together for Bob’s talk on Novara’s trip to South Georgia
OCC Scottish Open House
Bob Shepton showed his video.
Samba Sey, POR for Gambia
Photo from Steve Bailey -- One of my work colleagues who was visiting his homeland popped in to see port officer Sey Samba in Gambia. Thank you Samba Sey for making him so welcome. Alieu is the son of Cham Joof the well known historian, author, scout leader and politician involved in the nationalism of Gambia. Alieu visits Gambia every year in may to celebrate the life of his father.
Terrapin, Valiant 47, en route from Dublin to Scotland
Baxter Gillespie's drone photo of his boat, Terrapin, rounding the Mull of Kintyre en route to Traighuaine. May 2018. SailingTerrapin.com.
Terrapin in the Mull of Kintyre
Baxter Gillespie drone photo of his boat, Terrapin, rounding the Mull of Kintyre en route to Traighuaine. May 2018.
Southern New England Cruise
From Michael Eslinger... Southern New England cruise kick off dinner in Newport last night. Boats represented were Sofia, Serendipitous, Angel Louise, A Capella of Belfast, Lady Jane, Wilderness, Greyhound, Kimberlite, and Jamin. A great start to the beginning of our two week cruise!
Aleria sailing in the Ria de Vigo
Photo by Alberto Lagos of Astilleros Lagos
Enda Connellan and crew of Wife of Pi with RRC Ireland Alex Blackwell
Photo by RC Daria Blackwell. Taken in Galicia July 2018. Sail number of Wife of Pi? 314159.
Sundowners aboard Aleria in Cascais, Portugal
OCC Members Alex Blackwell (RRC Ireland - Aleria), Chris Mounsey (Pale Moon) and Scott Alyn (The Other 2/3). Photo by Rear Commodore Daria Blackwell.
Port Officer for Cascais John Duggan
Photo by RC Daria Blackwell
Club de Pesca Marina De Cartagena
Photo by Anneli Halvardsson? Tonight we had have a really nice evening with Lee Miles, port officer of Cartagena/Columbia. Who invited us to Club de Pesca Marina. — with Lee Miles and Nils at Club de Pesca Marina De Cartagena.
Viking Explorers Rally, from PO Sweden East Mike Meck
I am the founder of Viking Explorers (and also happen to be a descendant in 37 generations from the Norse viking king Harald Fairhair). I wrote the Canary guide with Oliver Solanas Heinrichs, also an OCC PO, and we like to do things together. As a boating journalist since 20 years (and also the OCC PO of Sweden east/Stockholm) with my speciality on blue water cruising and the original idea was simply that I wanted to have the benefit of being a part of a group that could help each other with the preparations (and of course lending tools and given advice). I have been running preparations lectures for many years with the Swedish Cruising Club. Both Oliver and I (with our partners Carlota and Charlotte) had our yachts crossing last year. The greatest personal benefit of Viking Explorers 2018 turned out to be that we already had friends all over the Caribbean to help us out when coming to a new island and needing information. This year we have our boats in Trinidad and Grenada and will need to fly back to arrange the backbone for the rally — but the central idea is that all crews are contributing to the group. Can be lectures, workshops, Christmas dock parties, beach volley ball tournaments or offering special skills. Oliver and I do this to make friends with interesting people. That’s why we call Viking Explorers ”the friendly rally”. ”Everyone was as happy as us to arrive and there was welcome parties on the beach most nights. It was incredibly satisfying to be part of this merry, brave and wonderful group of sailors of all ages and from different yachts of varying sort and size. Such a fellowship is really special and rare to find in other contexts!” From the blog of Lotta and Mads on ”Looma IV”, one of the participants in Viking Explorers 2018.