Ocean Cruising Club

OCC in Carriacou
Great OCC gathering for drinks at the Slip Way in Tyrrel Bay, Carriacou with Toodle-oo!, Innamorata II, Infinity B, Weohgi, and Sea Swift. Photo by Laurie Balme.
OCC @ Whisper Cove Marina - Grenada
Photo by Bill Balme? An interesting walk around Calivigny following a rather defunct iPhone App with Bob and Anne on Baloo, and followed by a lovely recovery luncheon with a host of OCC boats - Baloo, Weohgi (Avril and Alan), Brisa (Simon and Hilda), Magic Dragon of Herme (Alan and Donna) and Blue Jacket (Mike and Jill) with Bill and Laurie on Toodle-oo! at Whisper Cove Marina - Grenada... — with Laurie Balme.
Lagoon Bay, Roberton Island, Bay of Islands, New Zealand
Photo by Alan Leslie